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eBay Compatible Application Checked
eBay Compatible Application Checked

360 Security Guard and Kingsoft AntiVirus safety certification
360 Security Guard and Kingsoft AntiVirus safety certification

About us

RapidSnail was established in 2009 in Guangzhou ,by Guangzhou JiaHao Information Technology Co., Ltd

, China,RapidSnail is a eBay after-seller software and solution provider,main  to help eBay sellers manage and handle their sales orders from eBay.
Representatives of our products :

eBayHelper ERP system,a system that manages inventory ,purchases and sales.After years of improvements , eBayHelper
have have increased more features for eBay sellers for eBay sellers, such as eBay message management, and listing
system. By automating many of the processes within selling business and establishing procedure that is consistently followed, unnecessary steps are eliminated, and every member of the team is fully aware of his or her responsibilities.


RapidSnail Shipper eBay after-sale and order managerment software, mainly for small and medium-sized sellers can quickly process orders and manage orders,
which is designed for precise matching user needs,such as order management,personalize shipping address label,batch
print address shipping lable.

RapidSnail aims to become a global supplier of a seller solutions, focusing on the eBay platform.

Different from other after-sales management tools, RapidSnail enables sellers to work more efficiently on managing
their daily business operations, we propose the concept of simplifying the software,make it convenient to use. The
main advantage of this concept is to improve business efficiency, to make our software easier to use, more efficient
after-sales workflow automation and simplification of unnecessary steps.

RapidSnail emphasizes to support for eBay sellers to carry out international trading. To make it possible, our platform supports multi-
currency, multi-eBay sites, multiple eBay accounts. In order to provide the best-fit total solution, we had even running our own eBay trading business before our development initiated to make us thoroughly understand sellers' needs.

We intend that the use of advanced IT technologies, such as workflow management, knowledge management and
intelligent agent system, perfect RapidSnail products, diversify more in line with the needs of all types of
sellers, to perfect our software.

We encourage sellers to spend more time on planning their sales strategies, and leave the rest to us.

We welcome collaboration and partnering with any commercial organizations and non-commercial organizations who interest in researching and developing ecommerce solutions.